KR Industry Company is introducing a differentiated housing culture in line with the stream of the times when new changes in living space are continuing to occurrences of lifestyle. See more

KR Industry Company also provides the necessary environment for modern people's cultural life, such as public buildings, educational & cultural facilities, and construction of private contractors. See more
Civil Engineering

We are developing core capabilities in the civil engineering industry such as roads, railways, bridges, subways, tunnels, infrastructure, T/K, ports, etc. See more

We create a new ecological environment in which natural life lives by conducting various landscaping projects such as residential development, natural river, park, and apartment complex. See more

(Total Management)

KR Industry Company, specialized in maintenance that generates synergy with existing maintenance business areas such as roads, airports, tunnels, highway centers, ITS, and safety patrol. See more

(Service Area)

With the abundant experience and know-how of Korea's largest highway service area operator, we realized superior service area culture beyond simple service See more

Dynamic KR

KR Industry Company, which is not satisfied with the proud history of its growth and development, has been reborn under a new name to constantly change. In order to open up a brighter future than we have ever achieved, we are taking a leap forward by realizing the vision of a comprehensive construction company. see CEO MESSAGE see History of KR