For a New Tomorrow

There is no limit to our challenge. There is no pause in our improvement.
KR Industry Company starting with Korea Highway Management Corporation stood as comprehensive construction company.

Ethical Management

We encourage high ethical management. With the rapidly changing business environment of unlimited competition, the social demands and expectations for transparency and morality of companies have greatly increased over time, and the ethical management of companies is now being highlighted as a key management element for the survival, sustained growth and development of companies, not as an option.

In order to respond more actively to these changes in the management environment and social needs, KR industry Company declared full-fledged ethical management through the "declaration of ethical management and exercise of integrity pledge" on September 6, 2005 and pledged to implement "Clean-Company" through the basic goals of ethical management: ‘principles and trust’, ‘transparency and process’.

Based on the CEO's strong will to practice ethical management, the KR Industry Company is promoting institutional re-adjustment and education, leading to fundamental changes in all employees' awareness and behavior.

All employees of KR Industry Company will join the practice of ethical management and continue to make efforts to make a true Clean-Company.