For a New Tomorrow

There is no limit to our challenge. There is no pause in our improvement.
KR Industry Company starting with Korea Highway Management Corporation stood as comprehensive construction company.

Environment Management

We push forward the way in environmental protection.Considered a key element of the management strategy for environmental preservation, the goal and detailed plan are established based on this green environment management policy to promote sustainable green environment management. KR Industry Company plans and designs to minimize negative environmental impact by thoroughly complying with environmental laws and regulations. In addition, eco-friendly performance improvement is continuously promoted throughout business activities and services. For the realization of environmental policies, "Zero of environmental law violation and environmental accident" is set as the environmental objective and the ongoing education, monitoring and evaluation system is operated for the responsibility of implementing on-site environmental management. KR Industry Company shall do its best to conserve natural ecosystems, conserve resources by recycling, and minimize construction waste by establishing and implementing conservation goals such as energy and resources.

: ISO 14001
Certificate Authority
: World Standard Certification Service
First Registration
: Jun. 15. 2001
Valid Until
: Jun. 10. 2025
Service Ranges
Construction, Construction Management and Services of Civil, Architecture, Housing, Industry Equipment, Telecommunication, Interior, Landscape Planting, Electricity, Electricity Safety Supervision, Fire & Equipment Maintenance Road Maintenance and Management of Service Area and Gas Station on Highway Development of Construction Method of Road Traffic Safety Facilities